Get the insight you need to compete and win with self-service analytics.

Available in ebook and paperback editions.

Foreword by Boris Evelson, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research, Inc.


very organization today is under intense pressure to create value. In fact, the digital revolution is fundamentally changing the world as we know it—from how consumers interact and behave to how business gets done. And it’s forcing organizations to transform the way they work. That’s why business leaders consistently turn to analytics. They need actionable insight to innovate, differentiate, and compete. But it’s no longer enough to simply sell more, spend less, and work smarter. Business has to do it with unprecedented speed and agility.  Business leaders need to think fast!

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2019 Book Excellence Award Winner – Reference

#3 Amazon Bestseller (11/18) – Literacy

#3 Amazon Bestseller (11/19) – Relational Databases

#7 Amazon Bestseller (11/18) – Library and Information Science

#11 Amazon Bestseller (11/18) – Social Science Methodology




  • He's done it again.  In his unique style, Steffine has simplified yet another complex topic into a must-read guide for busy business and IT pros.  Packed with insight and highly recommended.

    Toby George Data Ideology
  • Think Fast! can position your organization’s operating model to scale its analytic driven transformation and compete against the next generation of disrupters.

    Paul Hlivko Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • This book is the go-to bible in demystifying data analytics. I left reading this book with concrete, distinguishable takeaways in implementing a comprehensive BI environment for my clients’ businesses. It is an easy read for even the busiest IT executive.

    Robert Stein Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence, University of Pittsburgh
  • Think Fast! is an essential sidekick for any analytics professional looking to gain an edge above and beyond the tech stack.

    Amir Biagi AF Group
  • Greg and his 'Perspectives from the Pros' colleagues cut to the core issues and tear down supposed “truisms” found in many other analytics books that simply don’t hold up to the realities of modern business.

    Evan Sinar, Ph.D. DDI
  • Powerful, thoughtful, and engaging. This edition will hold a place on my office bookshelf for years to come—right next to Hyper!

    Dan Grace Bank of America
  • Think Fast! is an insightful must-read for any BI professional trying to define and lead an agile analytics organization. It provides a well-balanced and clear perspective on self-service analytics.

    Arun Raju Equifax

Inside the Book

The objective of self-service analytics is to create value from data by leveraging the intellectual capital and untapped curiosity of the enterprise.

In this sequel to my award-winning book, Hyper, I team up with other experienced pros to deliver an essential, quick-read guide on the most important aspects of people, process, technology, and data  you need to think about in order to deliver real value.

Packed with pragmatic advice from years of hands-on field work, Think Fast! provides the insight you need to compete and win with self-service analytics.


“Take Your BI Environment To The Next Level By Building A System of Insight”
by Boris Evelson, Vice President and Principal Analyst
Forrester Research, Inc.

Section 1

Section 1 – Understanding Self-Service Analytics
Insight 1 – Value Attainment
Insight 2 – Agile BI
Insight 3 – Defining Analytics
Insight 4 – Describing Self-Service

Section 2

Section 2 – The People Domain
Insight 5 – Organizational Alignment
Insight 6 – The Organizational Model
Insight 7 – The Importance of Collaboration
Insight 8 – The Right Team
Insight 9 – The Right Support

Section 3

Section 3 – The Process Domain
Insight 10 – Setting Priorities
Insight 11 – Balancing Risk and Reward
Insight 12 – Building Requirements That Work
Insight 13 – Evaluate and Evolve
Insight 14 – Sell the Vision
Insight 15 – Control the Chaos

Section 4

Section 4 – The Technology Domain
Insight 16 – The Role of Technology
Insight 17 – The Self-Service Architecture
Insight 18 – The Place for Big Data
Insight 19 – The Crowded Analytics Landscape

Section 5

Section 5 – The Data Domain
Insight 20 – Understanding Data
Insight 21 – Preparing Data
Insight 22 – Data On the Edge
Insight 23 – Understanding Data Science
Insight 24 – Data Privacy

Section 6

Section 6 – Closing Thoughts
Insight 25 – Planning and Execution
Insight 26 – Change is Inevitable